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Why is Honeymoon more Romantic in the Maldives?

The Maldives is a cluster of islands with untouched beaches, mesmerizing sunrises, and sunsets constitutes a paradise in itself. Every moment, the white sands are waiting to welcome you and your partner to get refreshed with a dip in the waters. These waters and sand are away from all the tourist crowds, making it ideal for inmate settings for newlyweds.

Azure Sea Life:

Sunsets and sunrises, white sands, azure water are not complete without its sea life. The corals that are beautifully placed under the clear waters are a sight for all the couples who want to enjoy company other than themselves without any disturbance. Whales, manta rays and sharks add to this company with their powerful presence, without disturbing the mesmerizing effects.

One Day, One Island

Have you dreamed about waking up every single day at a new location? This dream can come true when you are in the Maldives, you sleep in one island and wake up in another. One thousand one hundred ninety-two islands can not only fulfill your dream but can give you another one to come back to.

 Glow with Water

Have you ever seen a sea that glows on its own? this phenomenon is seen in Vaadhoo Island. Glowing beaches caused by nature’s wonders at this island in nights are a rare site which is not only mesmerizing but also as romantic as the glowing sky.

Dhoni Ride  

A traditional coconut timber boat that gives you an excursion of the whole relaxing day. This excursion holds for you a swim and snorkel adventure, with barbecued seafood and bird watching with your lovebird.

Couple Spa

The Maldives is home to spas, where couples can enjoy their relaxing massages and healings for not only the body but souls and rejuvenate their love for each other and vows that they swear to each other.

Island from Sky & Romance under Sea

Two things that you won’t find easily anywhere else are riding in a seaplane and dinner in the underwater restaurant. One will give you a panoramic view and the other will leave you in romance not only with your better half but also with the dramatic sea creatures that accompany you in your dinner.

Special Offers for Honeymooners:

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