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Tips for Painting Your Basement Floors and Block Walls

Basement renovations make this often-abandoned space not only useful for storage, relaxation or work, but the livable square footage as well. If you are planning to transform the look of your basement, a fresh coat of paint is a good start for it.

Painting basement floor and block walls is a simple, budget-friendly and not time-consuming DIY project,possible even for beginners. So, take necessary supplies and get to work on your basement renovations!

  1. Required materials

Choose appropriate basement wall and floor paint before painting process. Epoxy paintis specifically for concrete; it comes in a variety of colours, matching any taste or style. If you are wondering how much paint will be required for your project, use free online paint calculators. You will also need:

–       Epoxy paint and primer

  • Degreasingsolution
  • Plasticwrap
  • Maskingtape
  • Paintroller and brush
  • Mop and bucket
  1. Necessary precautions

Check there is no moisture and cracks on your walls and floor, as it can be signs of damage andthe cause not properly paint adherence to the surface. Contact basement renovations pros to fix the problem. Maybe, you need to do basement subfloor installation?

While working on the project make sure to have proper ventilation, as many paints contain fumes dangerous in a small, enclosed space.

Before painting, check if all areas are smooth. Smooth rough patches with sandpaper.Inspect dampness beforehand by taping a 2’ by 2’ square of plastic wrap down. Tape all sides, leave it for 24 hours and then remove.

3.    Preparation

If your walls and floorare in good condition, start your project. Remove all odd items off, sweep up any dirt andwash the surface with degreasing solution for a thorough clean.

Tape the bottom of the areasnot aimed to be painted on.

Prime the surface before applying final colour. Do not forget to start opposite the basement’s entrance!Carefully paint with brush around the edges and any supports, then usepaint roller. Make sure the coat is even, leave it dry completely before applying top coat.

4.    Painting your basement floor and block walls

Once the primer has dried, begin applying epoxy paint opposite the entrance. Keep your strokes in the same direction. When the first coat dries, repeat for a second one.

Let your paint dry for at least 5 days before walking on or placing anything on it.