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Private tours in Stockholm

Flying to the capital of Sweden? Congratulations, you have chosen a wonderful place for your vacations. Stockholm is a very beautiful city offering a lot of places to visit, a lot of things to do and much more. Apart from being friendly, it assures the quality of your comfort and safety.

Just to make your trip a bit more genuine and informative, we would recommend you to book a private tour in Stockholm. Though there are free tour Stockholm too. They offer free walking tour to Stockholm. There are various friendly city guides outside the subway station of Gamla Stan waiting to serve their guests. They start the tour at 10, every morning and it lasts for 1.5 to 2 hours. They take you to many beautiful sites by walk and give you information about the history of the place. They’ll explain many interesting things about the site that you might never have heard before. Irrespective of the weather, they stand there everyd ay to serve their guests with utmost comfort. And guess what? They do everything without even costing a single penny. Their only motive is to help you have a very enjoying experience.

But the guides charge a very minimum price for the private tours that they offer.

You don’t need no booking and anything. Just show up at the meeting point and you’ll find them waiting for you there. They offer you both car drives as well as walkarounds. They continue this tour for 3 hours – 2 by car and 1 by walk. This panoramic tour gives you interesting information regarding the sites you visit. It covers central main part of the city, the main beautiful islands of Stockholm, and a secret route stroll of the Old Town. The guides take you to all the best attractions of Stockholm like Riddarholm Church- the burial church, Nobel Prize Banquet Venue- the City Hall, Stortorget, and much more. Unlike free Stockholm tours, private tours allow flexibility and can be started at any time from any place.

This will help you have a enjoying and memorable experience. Without wasting even a single second, you can explore all the beautiful parts of the Sweden capital. These guides become your family for some time and help you at every possible situation. Book a private tour and have some extra fun and extra enjoyment. We’re sure you’ll like their service.

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