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Phnom Penh to siem reaps and vice versa

Phnom Penh is the great culture of Cambodia and also it can be increase their economical level and industrial level. It improves country capital. It is famous tourist destination all around the world. It was a record six million people visited Cambodia. Phnom Penh it is most visited place. The majestic wat, ancient temples and other sites. Siem reap is a major reason for tourists visiting the country. Incase if we have reached make a trip to the capital city. The city is 318 kilometers away. There is no much traffic in that city. There is various type of transportation you can choose from plans, bus, van, bike, etc. This article is depending upon mode of transportation. This mode of transportation is your choice it is depend on your factors. In that case if you want to go fast choose the better one achieve the destination.


We can choose our best mode of transportation. Easy and lowest transportation also available in Phnom Penh and siem reap. Even you can choose cheap rate buses. Travelling by bus it allows knowing different places. A bus journey takes much time to reach the destination. We could see something new like waterfalls; sceneries, and traditional people, wooden houses etc. buses often would stop for lunch, break or any other good places.

Minibus and minivan

They have been giving offer for us. It is faster than bus service. Minivan always will be good option to travel. A complete travelling time four to five hours. Many companies have been moving two directions.

Cambodia VIP van

These services are totally belongs to Cambodia government. They are providing very comfortable journey than vans. It has enough space. We book it by email also even at the last minute also it will be accepted. Always seat are available for the passengers. The company takes all the responsibility until you reach your destination. The driver has been well experienced. Vehicle has insured. The most important thing is in VIP van they won’t allow any hotel pickups and drops.


Flight is other option to reach among phnom and siem reap. As well as you can reach your destination within forty or forty five minutes. Nowadays Flights are available both the cities.


This journey time would be six or seven hours. Travelling by ferry would be great experience and we can take fabulous picture which we haven’t met before. While we are travelling safety jackets are not available in this service. Be safe while travelling by ferry.

Shared taxi

It is another mode of transportation among phnom and siem reap it called shared taxi. It is also different kind of experience for us. We could make new friends. We can communicate know about the place better. There are only five seats but sometimes it is not convenient to us. Passengers may come with their luggage’s also. If you want save some money better decision choose a shared taxi. Otherwise choose some better mode of transportation. Make your trip unforgettable.