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Marmaris to Rhodes by Ferry

The seamless way to make your Turkey trip from Greece is via a ferry ride from Rhodes to Marmaris. At the moment, there are some ferries that sail from the Greek island to Turkish ports. The Rhodes to Marmaris ferry is one of the preferable and more convenient ferries that you can use to sail from Greece to Turkey.The distance is short, the experience is exciting; and (if you care to examine diversity when visiting new places) well, you might wish to consider this ferry ride. We will begin at Rhodes.

Rhodes, Greece

The island of Rhodes is located in the eastern Aegean Sea of the larger Greece. Geographically, it stands as the largest of all the Dodecanese islands. This island is considered to be one of the most frequently visited tourist sites in Greece.

On a keen analysis, itspresent popularity is not without cause. The city stands out as a natural beauty covered in green and enclosed with clear beaches. Among all the Greek islands, Rhodes seems more lively than most of the other beaches.

The island is world-known for its breathtaking beaches that rival no other European beaches and it also houses famous historic and cultural sites.

Marmaris, Turkey

Mugla province in the Southeast of Turkey houses the port of Marmaris. Not many years ago, Marmaris was a simple “sleepy” beach along the Mediterranean Sea, whose main economic activity was fishing. Currently, however, Marmaris is one of the most popular tourist destination and port in Turkey along the Mediterranean coast.

Since the boom of infrastructure and house construction in the 1980s, the formerly little-known town has matured to become one of Turkey’s main tourism spots. Commercialization of modern Marmaris has enabled it to throw a fleet of structures able to accommodate both its natives and classic hotels for tourists. Notably, despite the commercialization of Marmaris, the city still retains its authentic look and its ancient charm.

Have a Day Trip from Rhodes to Marmaris

Take a trip from the scenic Rhodes to Turkey via the equally enchanting Marmaris port. Have a chance to experience the sights and sounds that make the two towns admirable while sailing through the waters.

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This short boat ride across the two coastlines will enable you to experience the Turkish culture of the Marmaris people after your experience in the beaches of Rhodes. On the one-day boat trip, you will be able to relax on the beautiful scenic coastline beaches of Marmaris, get treated to freshly prepared meals and enjoy the warm company of the Marmaris natives.

A Rhodes-Marmaris ferry tour enables you to enjoy your European tourism experience. And the distance between the two coastlines is not just short; but it is two continents apart. Therein lays a world of diversity, a variety of scenes and social experiences to try out.

Rhodes is popular for its beaches and naturally enchanting climate, while Marmaris has developed its reputation for its awesome structures and hotels. The combination of the two cities brings a beautiful concussion of the nature meeting man’s creativity in the artificial structures.

Besides, the tour also offers you a chance to check out the culture of various dwellers from both the island and from Turkey. These cultures are built from the historical Orient and from the Easterners as well as from the west as the area is claimed by two continents.

The price for a day trip from Rhodes to Marmaris is approximately 39 euros. A return trip costs about 41 Euros and a return trip costs about 59 euros. A different pricing plan is offered for children.