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Guide to Choose the Right Travel Insurance

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Everybody likes travelling, but not many of you like to buy travel insurance. Usually, you don’t find people discussing it either. But let’s stop and think for a moment as to why it is essential to have travel insurance. When you purchase a house or a car you do not think twice before getting them insured so why is there a reluctance when it comes to travel insurance? When you buy insurance for your house or car, you do not want your money back and lose what you have insured. Same goes for travel insurance as well. You would rather pay an extra amount of $100 for your trip and never get the money back instead of letting your bank account to be wiped off completely. You can go for a holiday, vacation or a business trip but do not forget to get your travel insured. Things may and does go out of hand at times, and if your travel isn’t insured you may have to face a lot of inconveniences.

Ones you decide to have travel insurance you now need to choose the right travel insurance. It is an essential part of purchasing travel insurance. Thus, we are here to guide you through the process so that you can choose the right travel insurance for yourself.

  •    Check with Your Already Existing Insurance Provider

As soon as you book your trip, look no further and find a travel insurance policy which is suitable to get you covered. It is always wise to begin the enquiry with the insurance provider which already exists. There are some insurance companies which provide travel insurance utterly free along with the existing policy.

  •    Destination Cover

You might feel that this isn’t worth mentioning, but in reality, it is a critical point. You should check whether the policy allows coverage in the place you are about to travel. It is because different countries may have different terms and policies. Thus, check the clauses nicely before you opt for a particular policy. If the country you’re travelling has higher chances of risks, then the premium will also be higher along with various restrictions. Always, compare the different policies and then choose the right one. One such example is the Coverwise website which has Coverwise discount codes to provide some very global and reliable travel insurance deals to its clients.

  •    Duration of Policy

There are several travel insurance policies regarding the period and the number of trips. If you are not a frequent traveller and travel around once a year, you can buy a single trip policy whereas if you are a frequent traveller who makes trips frequently then the multi-trip policy is a better option. After all, you do not want to buy insurance every time you travel. Also, check the number of days a particular policy is covering you and always opt for a policy which is slightly more than the number of days you’re going to spend while you’re on a trip.

  •    Luggage / Personal Belonging Cover

You may arrive at your destination, but your luggage doesn’t. It is a very unpleasant experience, but many travellers all around the globe have faced it. It is precisely when your travel insurance comes to work. Always choose a policy which covers for the loss of the luggage. Also, go through the terms and conditions before you select a policy because specific policies may not include the loss of baggage in hand.

  •    Medical Cover

Medical coverage is one of the most crucial parts of a travel insurance agency. Medical emergencies can occur regardless of wherever you are, be it in your hotel, a party or a beach. A good insurance company will make sure to provide you with the best medical insurance. Also, let the insurer know whether you are already suffering from a medical condition and inquire if that will be covered as well. Usually, pre-existing medical conditions aren’t covered by insurance policies.

  •    Type of Policy – Individual / Couple / Family

It is always cheaper to buy a policy which includes family members than to purchase a plan for an individual. Hence, always try and get your entire family covered including children rather than covering yourself only.

These are some fundamental yet important points which you must keep in your mind while choosing a travel insurance policy. Adopting the right plan can lead to a very secure and relaxed journey. Also, never travel without insurance and always make it a point to get your travel insured.